We write about messy problems in Fintech, Crypto and Marketplaces.

Welcome to Messy Problems by me, Chia.

I was a top writer on Quora and Medium, finally moving on to Substack.

I write long-form deep-dives (1.5k words) that I and people around me find interesting. You will receive frameworks to think about building and investing into emerging areas of Fintech, Crypto and Marketplaces. I am particularly good at categorizing industry developments and extracting meaningfully roughly correct implications from information-light situations.

A few popular articles include An Intro to Embedded Finance, Full-Stack Marketplaces, What You Need As a VC, Disrupting VC in SEA.

This is also my avenue to receive interesting questions from founders, operators, and investors about the industries they are building. Some of the best articles I’ve written came from email questions that were posed in response to articles I wrote - so see this Substack as a two-way, not one-way information flow. I look forward to seeing what you think and to working with you if you have questions you’d like to pose to me.

I’m an early-stage operator, investor, and idealist. Forbes 30u30 VC/Finance. Barely a Millenial. Proud owner of VCmemes.com which showcases what I believe is my best meme.

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