Exploring the 5 ways that Single-Sided Liquidity Provisioning (SSLP) can be set-up, how SSLP can help retail investors lose less capital while providing liquidity and areas of further research.
Why now, Why Crypto, Why Pantera, and What's next!
I discuss the foundational debate between universal v local security, how founders can use cross-chain infrastructure to build new native token yield…
Cracks in the Fat Protocol Theory, introducing the Reffal Curve, and why & how crypto portfolio construction are affected by your position on the Fat…
Understanding the range of ecosystem engagement activities, and why we will see why Venture Building will emerge in a greater way in the Crypto…
Web3 businesses will increasingly include MMO dynamics like competitive/collaborative incentives, tutorial systems and the Steam Workshop for Web3.
Understanding the spectrum of how features like custody, lending, payments, etc, have played a role in TradFi Treasury and applying it to Web3…
The 3 waves of US livestream commerce, the 3 Business Drivers, the 3 Stakeholders' Jobs to be Done & where QVC is now.
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